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ERSA-Spain is the official representative of ERSA INTERNATIONAL ( European Racquet Stringers Association) in Spain

ERSA is the largest of the three globally recognised stringing associations.

  • ERSA-International (European Racquet Stringers Association) - Europe, Australia, Asia, North & South America
  • USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association) - USA
  • JRSA (Japan Racquet Stringers Association) - Japan

The three associations use the same criteria to assure the perfect restring. The exams that certify and confirm the quality of the stringer's work are slightly different between the associations. ERSA-International has just reworked all its exams to bring them up to date and include the latest trends and techniques.  The stringers quality and experience is recognised worldwide by the certification attained. ERSA-International is the only association that recognises and certifies professional stringers through the PTS1, PTS2 and PTS Master exams These are:

  • Professional Stringer (PS)
  • Master Professional Stringer (MPS)
  • Pro Tour Stringer Level 1 (PTS Level 1)
  • Pro Tour Stringer Level 2 (PTS Level 2)
  • Master Pro Tour Stringer (Master PTS)

ERSA-Spain has the pleasure and responsibilty of giving ERSA sanctioned workshops of different levels and for certifying the candidates in Spain. Richard Parnell, one of the ten Master Pro Tour Stringers that exist throughout the world is also responsable for ERSA-International in France and North & South America and technical director of ERSA_Indochina.


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29603 Marbella, Malaga

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.